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Hello, I’m Wendy – full time blogger and author of The Tall Girl’s Guide to Fashion


I’ve spent my entire life being taller than everyone else. I was already towering above the other kids in preschool, and by age 10 I was 5’7–taller than the average adult female. I was nearing 6′ by the time I entered junior high school–at a time when most boys my age hadn’t quite hit puberty. Towering a foot above my male counterparts wasn’t really my idea of a good time, but I survived (somehow).

Having spent the majority of my younger years dressing awkwardly in clothes that did not fit, I made it my mission to find clothes that would be cute, fit AND look good on me.

I know how hard it can be to find clothes when you’re of above average stature. Generally speaking, being tall comes with broader shoulders, longer arms, longer legs and long torsos! Trying to find clothes that fit those proportions can be frustrating to say the least, but that is exactly why I created  this website and blog–to offer help and guidance to all the tall girls out there struggling to find clothes that fit and look good!

I get comments from people about the word “fashion” being part of my site URL. I just want everyone to realize my site isn’t so much about keeping up with the latest fashion trends as it is about simply trying to help tall women find clothes. It’s important to have a sense of style. You shouldn’t wear something just because it’s fashionable, you should wear things you like, are comfortable with and express YOU!

 “Style is the intersection of what you wear with who you are.”


  1. Wendy what a great site, I will be sharing with my wife, she has a birthday coming up and she loves picking out her own surprises.

  2. Hi, i’m from México my daughter Casey is 11 years old and she’s 5.9 ft tall.

  3. I Wendy thank you for you commitment to help us. I myself is 5’11” and I have a hard time finding tall girls cloth. As a Christian I don’t want to have my cloth to the ground but I love modesty. My 14 year old daughter have the same problem she is 5’9″ her bust is a 38ggg and it is so hard to find cloth to fit her I want her to look nice and age appropriate thank g or all u our help.

  4. I can totally relate to you Wendy. By the time I was 12, I was 5’10” and by 13, I was 5’11” and a size 20.

    • Yeah I remember being nearly as tall as I am now by the time I was around 13 too! That is when I stopped growing, height wise anyway! Lol.

  5. I couldn’t agree more, this website is fantastic. I am 14 and the only other tall person in my family is my dad. Being 5’9 I want to look modest yet also feel young. I love the website you suggested but many of them are slightly pricey, or they do not make dresses that fit my body type. Do you have any o0ther websites for girls on a budget?

    • Thanks Ananya. Unfortunatatly most “tall” clothing comes with an expensive price tag… the best, most affordable tall clothing line I’ve come across is Old Navy’stall line. Also, have you tried American Eagle jeans? Sometimes they’re a bit expensive, but they have a lot of online sales where you can find pretty good deals.

  6. Thank you so much for this website Wendy!! I am 5′ 11″ and have always felt awkward when going out shopping with friends. They find clothes left and right that fit while I’m wandering around the store wondering why there isn’t a Tall Women store in every town!
    People usually say it’s so great to be tall…..so why don’t they help us out! = ] Oh well…I guess we’ll manage. TALL GIRLS FOREVER!!!!

    • Yeah I get the “it’s great to be tall!” comment a lot… it usually comes from short people! Lol. :)

  7. Hello, my name is Alexis but people call me lexie(: I’m 6 foot tall and only 15 years young. (I’m still growing slowly) I am in a size 12 in shoes. It’s so frustrating to go shoe shopping because I can’t find anything in my size, when I go to order them in a bigger size they only go up to a 10 or a 11. I get so upset. My pants I have to order in a extra-long .

    • Yeah I know how that is! Shoe shopping is THE WORST!!! Have you looked at this post? Perhaps that could help you, many of the shops go up to at least a size 13!

  8. Dear Wendy,
    my name is Claudia, from Germany. I am 7,3 inch tall. My daughter, 13 years is 7,0 inch. And I am sure, she will grow some more… I am glad, that I find your fashion blog. One year ago, I started with the same idea: A fashion blog for tall girls in Germany. http://www.schoenlang.de . There is still a lot to do for me! I would like to stay in touch with you, to exchange experiences with our blogs, if you like. With best regards from Germany

    • Hello Claudia! Thank you for connecting with me! I have checked out your site and it looks nice, although I unfortunately cannot read it as I don’t speak German very well(I did take German for 2 years in high school, so I know some stuff but not very well). I would love to keep in touch, drop me an email anytime. wendyjane@thetallgirlsguidetofashion.com

  9. Hey Wendy,

    You’r site is very helpful and I’m glad I found it. I just want to let you know that The Buckle also sells very long jeans for women, in the Miss Me, BKE, Silver, and Big Star brands. They are pricey, but the jeans are good quality and fashionable. I mostly get my jeans from here since I have a 37 inch inseam and I have found Alloy jeans to wear out pretty fast and also stretch out too soon.

    Just letting you know I was 6 feet at thirteen and now am 6’2” so I understand what it’s like to struggle finding clothes. Now that I can find jeans, I struggle with finding longer arm lengths without having to go up two sizes and then have baggy clothing.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the info, I’m sure that’d be helpful to some girls! I have heard of Buckle but don’t have much experience with them.

  10. Hello Wendy
    I sure can relate to being tall and I have alot of people Tell me YOUR SO TALL .. umm its not what they think we have back issues and pulled muscles just like the next short person. …. I so hate trying to buy shoes and payless is like trying to fit your foot into a tuna fish can. …. I avoid places like that . and I have 1 place I can get shoes they are slightly higher but they are worth it. and I have never had a problem getting shoes in my size from them.
    I only wishe the malls would be putting in more stores for us tall gals instead of petite stores .
    thank you for posting this site.

    • Lol “trying to fit your foot into a tuna fish can” that is funny. I don’t think Payless is that bad but I do find them to be very hit or miss.. sometimes they have great finds and other times there’s absolutely nothing. What shoe store did you find that you like?

  11. Hello Wendy,
    I am Monika and I am 5ft 10 but size 12 shoes.
    Shoe Designer by occupation, passion and education.

    I launched my own company in 2014 carrying well made in Italy shoes for Every Size. I don’t want to shut down petites since my own struggles of finding my size led to painful foot surgery in 1995. It was before I became shoe designer so somehow I think all led to this.
    Currently I have shoes up to size US13 and working on getting more. I have shipped size 12 to JAPAN! Which blew me away.
    Can you help with spreading the word out. I am solo, not affiliated with any large company or sponsor but simply had a NERVE to launch my own business after 15 years of designing for large companies. I sell via my own site and ETSY. Visit and let me know your thoughts – I have been wearing shoes from this factory over 10 years and I know the quality and comfort in my sleep.

    Best Regards,
    Monika Kusinska
    Creative Director/Owner
    Autograf New York

  12. Awesome website! One store I have found that offers long size (in a few styles) Jeans IN STORE is Maurices. I wear a 36″/37″ inseam and their longs fit pretty well :) they also offer extra long online and those drape under my foot. Their jeans are also very sturdy and don’t fall apart after 6 months like some brands.

  13. Wendy,
    Thank you for the site!
    I am about to share with my almost 13 year old daughter who is 5’11 1/2!
    We are specifically failing to find junior (fashionable) tops. She loves the styles of Forever 21 and H & M but, alas, they are never long enough.Imagine a crop top style..
    We’d love any specific help!

  14. Thanks for the helpful tips. My daughter is 13 and little over 5′ 11″. Shopping for jeans is particularly difficult since most of the “long” jeans are way too short. The only place we recently found a pair that kind of worked for her was Buckle. Although they were very expensive we got them because it was all we could find. We’re still trying to find a second pair of jeans with an inseam of 33 or 34. Thanks again for the helpful tips and encouragement.

    • Could you check AE or Aeropostale – they offer long and extra long lengths online! And they are cut slim for juniors.

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