Where to Find Shoes for Women with Big Feet

cute wide width shoes for womenThe thing I hate about being tall is having big clunky feet to go along with it. Out of all the troubles I’ve experienced with finding clothes that fit, shoes have by far been the biggest struggle. I wear a size 12 and the majority of the time I need the wide width–try finding that in a shoe store. Believe me, it’s hard. Nearly every mainstream shoe store sells only up to size 10–a few carry 11’s. It’s rare to see anything bigger. If you’re looking for where to find shoes for women with big feet, you’ve come to the right place because I know all about where to find them!

Unfortunately, if you wear larger than a women’s 10, you’ll many times need to do your shoe shopping online.

When looking for above a women’s size 10, you will probably need to use the internet. There are plenty of online shoe shops that offer huge selections of cute trendy shoes in bigger sizes–even up to women’s size 15!

Don’t worry though! It’s OKAY!

Here’s a list of great places that carry extended shoe sizes for women — some of them in up to a size 15! (My top recommendations!)


Zappos has an amazing selection of shoes for all sizes– in up to a women’s size 15! They even offer width options for most of their shoes ranging from extra narrow to extra wide.

 See for yourself here at Zappos.com.

Barefoot Tess/Long Tall Sally

Barefoot Tess is a specialty shop that has extended sizes for women’s designer and brand name shoes. They used to have their own website, but they’ve teamed up online with Long Tall Sally and appear to only be selling through them now.

They have a nice selection of boots, flats, sandals and more. They carry mostly casual and dress type shoes, up to a size 15!

Check out their official site here.


They’re not a specialty shoe shop, but they’ve recently added extended size shoes to their collections in up to a size 13! Their specialty is juniors clothing, so they carry very trendy, fashionable shoes for the younger girls out there with big feet! : )

Check out Alloy’s selection of extended size shoes!


They actually have a very impressive selection of shoes, one of the biggest ones I’ve seen! Carries shoes suitable for any occasion up to women’s size 15.

See for yourself here at Shoes.com.

Famous Footwear

Great selection of all types of shoes in up to a women’s size 13! They carry a few size 14’s as well!
You can visit their official website right here.

blue sandals


Worth a mention, Payless carries up to women’s size 13. The selection isn’t too bad, but it can be hit or miss. (They actually have really cute stuff right now though!) However they’re probably one of the most cheap shoe sources around, you really can’t beat the price.

Visit Payless.com right here.

See… you don’t have to resort to the men’s shoe section–you can find women’s shoes in extended sizes online!

For the longest time, I simply resorted to the men’s shoe department. (I still am sort of guilty of doing this from time to time). Particularly for athletic style shoes, if I just need a good pair of walking shoes or shoes for the gym, it isn’t a big deal. You can find pretty neutral looking men’s athletic shoes. However it’s nice to wear the cuter girly ones–they help feminize your look. But geeze, they are so hard to find!

Besides, it’s not like you can purchase flats, dressy shoes or any type of feminine style shoe in the men’s section. Having cute shoes is important as it will help pull together your entire look and make you feel more confident in yourself. Trust me, it’s hard to feel sexy and confident when you’re cute outfit is ruined by wearing boy shoes.

I hope the aforementioned list helps a lot of you ladies out in your quest for shoes, I know it certainly would have helped me in the past! :)



  1. Amy says

    Thank u so mich this has helped me a lot i also weas a size 12 and im six feet tall i know your pain and im still in school and have a shoe addiction!! also sometimes a size 13. toms sells up to a size 12 wide:) thank you so much if u find any more please email me!!:)

    • Wendy says

      That’s good. :) Yeah I sometimes have to wear a size 13 too! I’ve never heard of Toms? I’ll let you know if I discover any more!

  2. Paige says

    THANKKKKKSSSS SOOOO MUUUUCCCCHHH!!!! I wear a size 12 and I am 6’1. I used to feel extremely insecure about my height and especially my large foot size because I was often teased from my peers about it. Although I am not at complete body peace, this has definitely relieved some of those insecurities, knowing I can still wear fashionable shoes even if I do have a larger shoe size. Once again, thankss soooo much!

    • Wendy says

      You’re welcome, glad I could help you feel better about your insecurities. I still do get (playfully) teased occasionally about my big feet, but I simply don’t let it bother me anymore. It’s definitely harder to find cute shoes but I’m glad they DO exist.

  3. Victoria K. says

    Hi! Thank you so much!!! I’m not that tall (5’6”), but I still wear a slightly bigger shoe (10.5) and I’m only 14! I love shoe shopping but every time I go into stores, I come home empty handed. :( Hopefully with this list I’ll start the next school year on the right foot. ;)

  4. tiffany d says

    this is awesome….i wear a size 12 and im 6’2. Im just becoming comfortable enough to actuallly wear a heel hight than 2/3 inches… These sights have been very helpful but they are a tad bit pricey! )-:

    • Wendy says

      Hey Tiffany,

      I know, that’s the unfortunate side effect of having big feet–as if the choices aren’t already limited enough for us, the selection of “cheap” shoes in bigger sizes is almost non-existed. I’ve found Payless to have the best selection of more affordable shoes, have you tried looking there?

  5. Ellen says

    http://www.6pm.com has great shoes at reduced prices. They are associated with Zappos. I wear a 10 1/2 to an 11 Narrow which are very difficult to find at reasonable prices. I have been very happy with all my shoe purchases at 6PM. com. I haven’t shoe shopped at a brick and mortar store for years now and have not had to endure the ‘look’ when I request my size in a cute shoe and the inevitable load of boxes of ugly shoes brought out in my size because they don’t have what I wanted to try on. Try them out – you won’t be disappointed!

  6. Karla says

    HI Girls – I have just opened a new online store specialising in Ladies size 10 to Size 15 – also specialising in standard and wide width shoes and low heels for tall girls being 6ft with size 11 feet myself, I understand the need! I have a few selections available now and will have my own designs available in a couple of months. “like’ my facebook page to be kept up to date http://www.facebook.com/Vertigoshoes – If you are not based in Australia and would like any of the shoes available online now – please email me first to get an international postage price :) Happy Shopping :) Karla http://www.vertigoshoes.com.au

  7. Sarah says

    I wear a size 12 and have struggled for many years finding shoes that fit my huge feet! I have to agree with you, I think Payless and Shoes.com are good places for ladies with big feet to shop! They carry the big sizes and some of them are pretty cute! Although they definitely need a bigger selection…it still is so limited compared to the smaller sizes ! ugh the downfalls of big feet, huh?

    • Wendy says

      Yeah, agreed with the selection, it really sucks. :/ I probably have it worse than a lot of girls with big feet, though. Not only are my feet just long – they’re WIDE! So a lot of times even the shoes in sizes 12 or 13, while they are the correct length, are TOO NARROW and my feet won’t fit. :/ It sucks because most of the cute shoes in sizes 12 and 13 aren’t additionally available in “wide” sizes- it’s frustrating but just the way it is. :/

      • Sharon Bailey says

        Hi everyone, just looking through all your posts. I wear a uk size 10.5 so usually have to buy an 11 (US 13) One of my daughters (19) wears a uk 10 and we both have narrow feet. There seems to be many shops here After 8 Shoes, Long Tall Sally, Evans, Magnus, Crispins, Pretty Big Feet, Katie Long Shoes – our problem is they all come up too wide, so if you need long and wide shoes try the UK. We usually have to buy ours from the US as they only stock narrow shoes for us. Bizzar!. We have just found a new company called Upper Street and they will let you design your own shoes up to a UK size 10.5 or 44 but the 44 does come up ong. I had a really lovely pair made for me – they offer width fittings and you get to design your own shoe, heel height. Upper Street Shoes is the search engine you need to put in. Hope this helps.

  8. Pam says

    I have a 13.5 narrow foot and am having a very hard time finding women’s shoes. Have checked the links listed and no luck. Anyone know of a site or place I can go to and find some good alethic and hiking boots?

    • Wendy says

      Pam, I’m sorry you had no luck with all these shops… Did you check Zappos and Shoes.com? unfortunately I don’t really any other good places that carry a 13.5 in those types of shoes. :( I notice you wrote this a few days ago, I hope you have found what you are looking for.

    • sharon bailey says

      Pam, why don’t you try Special Feetures. They had some Alt-berg hiking boots which go up to a size us 13. They are made in England on a narrow last but if you ask one of the team they may be able to get you a bigger size as I believe they are made on a last for men initially. They are not the most feminine of boot but then hiking boots are not really anyway. Hope this helps. Regards, Sharon

  9. Jasmine Williams says

    My friend she is REALLY tall. She wears a size 16 and is going to be taking public speaking next month and she heeds heels. I am trying to help her I had no luck on any of these sites. Does anyone know where else her and I could try?

  10. sharon bailey says

    Pam, I have just purchased a pair of the Alt-berg hiking boots. I am usually a 13 narrow but they advised me to get a 12 and a half narrow. Even this size is still quite generous in the length, although I realise I will be wearing walking socks. wwwspecialfeetures.com . Hope this helps .

  11. Jessica says

    This was very helpful! I am 6’4″ and wear a 14 but can squeeze into a 13 since that is the biggest that Payless carries in the mall. It is definitely hard to find shoes and even clothes to fit me!

  12. Sulma B says

    Hi there, ii wear an european size 43 and i know the struggle to find shoes… I moved some years a go to Turin and now i buy a big part of my shoes in a nice store in Milan, called Ghigocalzature They have stylish and good quality shoes. I belive that they ship wordlide. If you want to take a look rhis is their website. http://www.ghigocalzature.com Xx

  13. Ashley says

    I have found hiking boots at sports authority and I wear a 12. Payless has worked for me, I used to buy from zappos but as of lately their selection has dwindled, it seems they are focusing on older style shoes. I have also found some shoes at DSW once in a while.

  14. says

    Hi Tall Girlfriends –
    If anyone is looking for higher-end chic dress shoes, check out http://www.zofieshoes.com. I started the company because I had such a hard time finding classic and elegant high quality shoes in my size. I’m a size 11. The shoes are designed exclusively for larger sizes with a more moderate 2.75 to 3 inch heel. If you sign up for the VIP List, we will send you a promo code for $75 Off your first purchase and free shipping.

  15. Aeldra says


    I have a width of 4inches and 11 inches from toe to heel. I am 5 inches 9 inches and I had browsed Payless… I am not sure about my size…please help

  16. Michelle says

    What if the shoes I order don’t fit my daughter is it a problem to send back? She varies in size depending on make of shoe.

  17. Panda says

    Omg.. Thank you so much. I just turned 14 years old. I’m 5’11 and I wear size 11. Its so hard for me to find shoes. Its so hard being a tall girl just now going into high school!

  18. Raynee says

    but what about us girls with extra wide feet? I cant buy girl shoes because they don’t come wide enough. i try wides but there just not good enough. Where should i look for super wide shoes that look girly and not manly?

  19. jess says

    whoa!!!…nice stores..thanks Wendy.I’m size 13 and it really hurts when you don’t have any cute shoes to slip your feet into

  20. Liz says

    Most important women’s large size shoe vendor, Nordstrom.com
    Norstrom began as a shoe store in downtown Seattle. Today their claim to fame is their massive odd-size shoes. If you’re looking for quality, designer shoes in a range of sizes (beyond ladies size 14, and widths of every variety.)

    What I love best is that they have ‘Search’ drop-downs to help you locate ONLY the size you wear and the style of shoe/boot you seek. It’s fabulous!

    • Liz says

      PS: Nordstrom has retail stores in several of the largest US cities, so check the store locator to see if there is one within driving distance. For bargins, check out NordstomRack.com, or their retail stores (generally in the same town as the main stores)

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