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Do clothes for taller women exist?gap-tall-sizing

It’s hard to find clothing for taller girls. They have entire sections in department stores dedicated to petites, yet I’ve never seen one that was for tall women! The most they’ll offer is long length pants, which are at most only up to 34” in stores. If you’re wondering if there even are any retailers out there that sell tall women’s clothing, they do exist!

Being tall comes with more than just longer legs–it also means longer arms, longer torsos and a lot of times broader shoulders! Plus 34” is just not long enough for really tall girls (like myself). I don’t how many times in the past I purchased pants thinking they’d fit, only to wash them a few times and have them shrink to be just a tad bit too short.

Whether you’re looking for regular women’s clothing, junior’s, plus size, or just shoes to fit your bigger than average feet–you can find them all online!

What defines tall for a women?

But let me step back for just a second. What even defines tall for a female? Average women’s clothing is made to best fit ladies 5’4-5’7. This makes sense from a statistical standpoint, considering these facts:

  • approximately 15% of females aged 20-49 in the US are over 5’7
  • 5% are over 5’8
  • less 1% are taller than 5’10 (technically, only 0.7 percent are 5’11 or taller)*

So of course they are going to size clothing that will best fit the majority of women. However considering 15% of women are above average height, they should make taller women’s clothing more readily available–like providing it in actual stores instead of only on their websites. 15 percent of the female population is quite a lot of potential customers!

Taller women can find a great selection of cute, trendy and mature clothes online!

Let’s just thank god for the internet because specialty tall shops for women exist pretty much exclusively online.

So does this mean tall women are banished to the internet for their shopping? Well, not exactly. It really depends how tall you are and the type of clothes you are looking for. You don’t have to buy strictly from tall clothing stores just because you are tall. (Check out my tips for buying from normal shops!)

Here’s a list of shops that sell tall clothing:

Long Tall Sally

As previously mentioned, Long Tall Sally is first on the list. They have everything from swimwear to business attire and pretty much anything in between. Their clothes are mature yet trendy and stylish. They offer sizes 4-20 and inseams ranging from 34”-38” in select styles.  In addition, they have women’s shoe sizes up to a 13.

The good thing about Long Tall Sally is their clothing is exceptional quality, so it’s worth the extra price.

Check out my personal Long Tall Sally review here

Shop their current selection


JCPenny features a tall shop on their website, made for women 5’9-6’0. They have a really nice selection of jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, skirts, blazers–all types of things!

I like JCPenny because compared to some other stores, it’s a bit more affordable.

Shop their current selection here

New York and Company

New York and Company has tall sizes 0-20, xs – xxl. It’s made for women 5’9 and up. You can find jeans, pants, tops, sweaters, dresses and even skirts made specifically for tall girls.

Something I really like about New York and Company is they have the “true fit” calculator – if you know your height and weight, and a size that fits you well in another brand, they can tell you what size would fit you best. It’s a nice tool to help guage fit if you’re unsure and buying online!

Unlike other companies you can actually find their tall line IN STORE!

Shop New York and Company here

Old Navy

While not exclusively a tall shop, they have specialty tall sizes on their website. Old Navy tall is sized for women 5’10 and up. They offers sizes 0- 20 with 36” inseams.

See my personal Old Navy reviews of…


One of my favorite tall shops! They have a tall women’s section on their site featuring sizes 4-16. Their site says it’s made for women 5’9 and up.

You can read my review of Gap tall jeans here

Check out their tall blazers 

Long Elegant Legs

Another great specialty tall site! Whether you’re shopping for work, casual or loungewear they have it here! Most of their inseams are 36” and they offer sizes 4-24. 

Long Elegant Legs is now part of Long Tall Sally

Banana Republic

Another retailer offering tall women’s sizes in 2-16.

Eddie Bauer

Features a tall women’s shop on their website, designed for women 5’8 1/2 – 5’11. Their clothing is good quality, and they have a decent selection of outerwear and blazers. Pant inseams are 36”.

Visit Eddie Bauer here

Additional stores to check out for tall clothing

Height Goddess – selection is limited but they have inseams up to 39”! visit @

Simply Tall – online only store, inseams up to 37” and carries really cute stuff!! visit @

Lands End – offers a selection of long skirts, sweaters shirts and pants

Buckle – jeans up to 37” inseam

Torrid  –This is actually a plus size shop, but I thought I’d include it within this list anyway. They’re not specifically for tall women, but they do offer many long length options for pants and jeans, and also longer tops.

They’re on the expensive side but the clothing is great quality.

Shop Torrid here

Check out my full list of tall junior’s shops here.

I hope this has helped give you an idea of where to look for tall clothing sizes! This isn’t an exclusive list, but I think I’ve hit on some of the major ones out there. Take a minute and look around at their sites!

Do you have any other favorite places to shop for your clothes? Drop me a comment down below and let me know!

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  1. I noticed you don’t have Alloy on there. They have a catalog and and online store – I only buy my jeans, pants and loungewear from there as they come in 37″ and 39″ and are reasonably priced. Their website has a tall section that includes more than just pants.

    • Yeah Alloy is great! I actually have that included in my list of shops for tall juniors as they sell junior sizing not women’s. :)

      • Height Goddess is a great brand dedicated to tall women with inseams up to 49″ and they always are have sales! I love it!

  2. Lands’ End now has women’s tall shirts, sweaters, skirts, pants (up to 37″ inseam), coats, and jackets. FYI!!!

  3. I’m looking for a swimsuit with underwire support for aqua aerobics ……. Need that extra body length as I’m just over 6 foot….. Any ideas?

  4. Wow! I just tripped across your site while desperately looking for tall clothing (I’m nearly 6’1″…or 5’13” as I prefer to call it!) I am so thankful for your posts! This is a wonderful resource. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks ladies because I have been having the hardest time finding my 15yr old daughter clothes that fit, she is in the 10th grade and stands 5’9 almost 5’10 and has a woman body, so I will checkout all these stores in hopes of finding some clothes

  6. I need a cozy warm floor length robe for a 5 FT 10 inch sister.
    It is almost impossible to find floor length in tall.

    I found some on two of the sites you have listed, but the reviews for both say the robes hit just below the calf.

    I am willing to put out real money to find a nice, truly tall warm winter robe. HELP!!

  7. Are you aware of any retailers who have long/tall clothes in the store? Just last night I went to two stores (Gormans & Kohl’s) to find they had absolutely no dress clothes in the store. I called Lane Bryant and JC Penny and again I was informed online shopping is my only option. sometimes that is not feasible, I needed dress clothes for work today and was literally crying in the parking lot. My husband hates shopping with me for special events as I get so stressed. Any suggestions would be appreciated to prevent any future melt downs. Thanks.

    • If you’re looking for true specialty tall sizes, there really aren’t very many options for in store shopping, but it also depends where you live. For example, I know Long Tall Sally carries in store but they aren’t exactly widely available (I think there’s only 1 or 2 locations in the US). Other than that, aside from stores carrying the 34 inch inseam (long) pants they don’t have tall sizes in store, it really is an online only thing. Believe me I totally feel your frustration because I’ve been in that situation.. I’m sort of forced to just order the majority of clothing online even though it’s not ideal! Sorry I couldn’t be more help.. these clothing manufactorers need to get it together and start selling tall sizes IN STORE!!!

  8. I’m desperately trying to find my daughter a ski jacket and pants that will fit her. She has a 36″ leg inseam and the arms to match. We’ve tried every store and online store and nothing is long enough. She’s only 12 but 6′ tall. She’s all legs and arms, no torso. Please help!!

  9. I am so glad that I found your website. I am a tall woman and my 13 year old daughter has just hit 6ft. The idea of finding her uniform pants and shoes next year was giving me anxiety attacks! Yours is a great resource I will be returning to.

  10. Another tall fashion website that hasn’t been mentioned (yet) is SIMPLY TALL, an online store for ladies (like me) over 6 feet tall. I have ordered from them multiple times and they provide good service. I primarily purchase Pendleton jeans from them, and as I understand it, they are the exclusive retailer of Pendleton for tall women. Pendleton discontinued their direct sales and marketing to the public several years ago, but thankfully, the company is still manufacturing a few tall garments for tall women that actually fit. Thank you for your efforts in listing other sources for us!

  11. Personally, I never shop online for shoes or clothing. I must try on my clothing before purchasing them . I do not have the “perfect” or proportioned measurements. It’s already frustrating and time consuming to find clothes that fit. Certainly, I don’t want the added stress of returning merchandise and ordering something else with the hope that the something else will fit. We need brick and mortar stores!

  12. I’m 5′ 11″ and my absolute go to place for things like work pants is MAURICES. They have great affordable selection both in store and online (online even has extra longs!) For jeans I usually shop at the Buckle. They are pretty pricey but I’m really hard on my jeans so I need the extra durability. (For reference, a pair of Maurices jeans only lasts me a week or two, Buckle jeans last me over a year). They have tons of selection and sizes even go up to XXLong in store! That way I can wear my heels if I want to. ;)

  13. Looks like GAP has discontinued their line of Premium Pants altogether (my go-to for work pants) and selection of other items in tall sizes is greatly diminished. Same goes for their other company, Banana Republic. Selection is simply dismal.

  14. Just an FYI- most of these places don’t sell the tall sizes in the brick and mortar store, just online. So we still can’t try things on.

    But you did miss one. Lucky Jeans, and they do sell long jeans in the store.

    • Yes you are right, unfortunately the tall sizes are mostly online only. You can find long and x-long lengths in certain stores, but the actual “tall” lines are typically not.

      Thanks for including Lucky as an additional option.

  15. I am 6’6″ and have a plus size of 26″ waist. Anything out there for tall women that are also plus size?

  16. New York and Co. is a great in store option, I get a lot of my dress clothes there. I stand 6’2″ and I can get something off the tall rack, and it fits me straight to foot. If you are slightly shorter, you may actually have to get the pants modified.

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