Plus Size Tall Girl Clothing

You can still find cute trendy clothes when you are both plus size and tall!

tunic with leggingsIt is already hard enough to find cute trendy clothes when you’re plus sized, but when you are tall and bigger, it just limits the choices that much more. All hope is not lost, however! The secret is knowing where to look and what types of clothing to look for.

The good thing about plus sizes is the tops are usually a lot longer than regular women’s shirts, which is great if you are tall. I am a tall plus size girl myself, but being a size 14/16 I am usually on the borderline of being between the “regular” and “plus” sizes. Most of the time I can wear both, but I love to take advantage of plus size women’s tops since they are often so long they can nearly cover my butt (I’m 5’11). I love my tops to be extra long and it’s harder to find when you are so tall!


Here’s a little list of shops I’ve discovered that carry plus size tall girl clothing:


Long Elegant Legs

This one deserves the top spot on this list because it’s the only specialty tall shop I’ve found that carries up to a women’s size 24, the others only go up to size 20 at most. They carry everything from pajamas to business attire and offer inseams in 36”.

Check out Long Elegant Legs here

Long Tall Sally

iconSpecialty tall shop carrying sizes 4-20.

Check out my personal Long Tall Sally reviews of:

Dresses + Tunics


Torrid carries a lot of cute and trendy clothes for plus size girls in sizes 12-28. They have long length jeans available as well with 34” inseams, even in their stores. Their style is designed for teenagers and young women.

Check out my Torrid reviews of:

Torrid Jeans


They offer plus sizes in 16-28, with long and extra long length jeans in 34” and 36” inseams. Their jeans are a bit trendy and designed for younger women, but they are really cute!

See my personal Maurices reviews of:

Maurices Jeans


Great trendy shop for teens, offers plus sizes on their website up to juniors size 25. Longer inseams are available in 35” and 37”. They also offer extended sizes in their shirts up to 3x. While they don’t specialize in tall sizing, a lot of their shirts are actually quite long.

alloy tall jeansCheck out my Alloy reviews of:

Old Navy

Their “tall” sizing officially stops at size 20, however they do carry plus sizes in 22 – 30 in which you can still find their long length, 34” jeans!

Check out my Old Navy reviews of:

black and white maxi dress alloy selfieThose are just my recommendations. Again, if you know any better shops leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you! This list includes stores that carry a range of clothing for women of all ages. I hope this helps any tall ladies looking for plus sizes!


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  1. Hey there… I am 6′ 1 1/2″ exactly and an 18-20 and my favorite clothing stores are Cato and CJ Banks… I know Cato goes up to at least a 24…good luck ladys:-)

  2. PZI also has nice jeans for women with curves. The sizes stop at 20 but they have long and extra long lengths. Good luck!

  3. I’m 6’1″ and usually wear an 18/20, and with being tall comes bigger feet too (I wear size 12 shoes). I love being tall and wouldn’t change it for the world but I hate how hard it is to find clothes and shoes sometimes, especially that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

  4. I’m tall an I’m a plus size woman who keeps it trendy and cute at the same time.
    its a store called its fashion Metro you can also go to their website they have all the cute clothes up to a size 24 and some of the 24th are very big my friend wears a 30 and she gets in some of the 24th I keep my eye for the fashion cuz I am a rap artist and have to keep it trendy I searched everywhere Ross simply fashion Melrose Citi trend TJ Maxx and Marshalls too and some Macy’s and Dillards carry plus size 2 Lane Bryant has cute stuff but not too much trendy and some of us want age appropriate clothes Antoine the stage as in cute entrante at the same time so ladies you have to look at your pants your shirts and see the tags Google the names of the clothes that you really like sometimes you can find a website that have extra things that you didn’t even know they made if any of you find another website that has trendy clothes hit my email and let me know and always keep it cute ladies ()mznationwide

  5. Im about 5.10 and im only 15, it hard to find shoes and clothes without people looking at me strange. Any online stores i can use? It would mean alot.

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