The Best Yoga Pants for Tall Girls

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Yoga pants are incredibly hard to find in longer lengths!

I’ve always had such a hard time finding yoga pants. While some stores carry long inseam options for pants and jeans, it’s nearly impossible to find yoga pants in longer lengths. The only store I’ve found (at least around where I live) that actually sells long yoga pants is Target – but I can’t always find them and they don’t have very many options.

But I still love yoga pants. They are incredibly versatile, comfortable and sexy. Whether they are worn to yoga class, working out, running errands or just for those lazy days, they are perfect for many occasions!

Trust me, I’ve looked a long time for yoga pants to fit my taller frame, and I FINALLY found some that are long enough for me, and are pretty decent as well!

2019 UPDATE: These recommendations are NO LONGER SOLD!!! I’ve updated a list of the 5 places you can still find LONG inseam yoga pants!

My first recommendation for long length yoga pants:

 Essential Yoga Foldover Pant from Alloy – My Personal Reviewlong inseam yoga pants 2

NO LONGER AVAILALBE!!! – Check my list of where to find tall yoga pants here

I bought these awhile ago on a whim because a lot of my yoga pants got to the point of being completely worn out (I wear them A LOT)! I finally decided I needed new ones, and after searching at Target with no luck, I decided to get these foldover yogas from Alloy. 

I grabbed them on a 2 for $50 deal, (which I’m pretty sure they always have going on) so I took a chance because I figured I wouldn’t find them anywhere else. At $25 a piece I figured it wasn’t too pricey, I knew they’d definitely get a lot of use.

I decided to buy the 37” inseam because all the reviews on Alloy’s website say they shrink “a lot” and the 35” were too short after washing…

Now, since my legs are quite long I decided to err on the side of caution and get the longer option.

However, personally I found the 37” to be WAY too long for me (keep in mind, I am 5’11)

I figured they would shrink in the wash like everyone said, but they really didn’t! (I wash with cold water though – perhaps they’d shrink in warm water?)

So if you like incredibly long yoga pants (or you are very tall – over 6′) the 37” is great – but otherwise I would advise anyone just looking for a regular tall length to go for the 35” – it’s much more appropriate.. I don’t like when my pants are so long they drag on the ground because it just causes the bottoms to get all torn up!

I really love the foldover waistband and the fact they had so many different colors available! I really had a hard time deciding, but I chose to be boring and got the gray and black ones.alloy tall inseam yoga pantsThe PROS:

  • They come in really long lengths, up to 37” – this may be TOO LONG for the majority of tall girls, but for those that are really tall or who have very long legs it’s an awesome find!
  • They come with a foldover waistband that has tons of color options
  • They’re cotton/spandex material, which I personally prefer for everyday (if I’m no working out in them)
  • They’re affordable


  • The material is quite thin and could potentially tear easily if you aren’t careful
  • They tend to “roll up” on the bottom, especially after wearing them to bed
  • The regular “black” waistband is kind of weird, personally would recommend the color choices.

Overall opinion:

They’re not perfect, but for around $25 bucks a pair and the fact it’s hard to find longer yoga pants like these -I would definitely recommend them.

Check them out here on

My 2nd recommendation for tall yoga pants –

Rio Flared Leg Foldover Pant from Fit Couturetall-yoga-pants-fit-coutureI was searching on Amazon for yoga pants awhile back and found these Rio Flared Leg Yoga Pants – I bought them because they came in long inseams and the reviews weren’t half bad.

Check Amazon’s UPDATED selection of tall yoga pants here (in up to 37” inseams)

I will say, I am glad I bought them – the 35” inseam option was perfect for me, plus the material was thicker and nice for working out.

I had never heard of Fit Couture before I bought them, but they sell a lot of workout clothes, and come to find out sell quite the variety of yoga pants too – many of which come in the 33” and 35” inseams!

This particular style (the Rio Flared Leg) have a cute foldover waistband in a lot of great color choices (periwinkle is shown).

Fit Couture sells yoga pants in many different fits and styles, AND several length options whether you’re short or really tall.

Their yoga pants are made out of 88% nylon and 12% Lycra. (Lycra is just a brand name for spandex.) The material is soft, yet thicker and durable. All the types of yoga pants I’ve owned in the past were made of a cotton/spandex blend, so this was a little different experience.

These pants are very soft, comfortable AND flattering.

The nylon/spandex blend of these pants makes them stretchy and form fitting,  giving the hips, butt and upper thigh region a smoothed out appearance. The fabric is also meant to wick away moisture and keep you dry when you sweat.

I prefer these when I need actual “work out” pants

… as opposed to just wearing around the house, running errands, or as pajamas.


  • They’re good for working out
  • Thicker, more durable
  • The brand carries a lot of different yoga pants in addition to the rio flared leg style – so there are lots of choices for cut (bootcut, flare, straight leg)
  • Offers 33” and 35” inseams (and short and regular inseams, too)
  • Made in the USA – which is really hard to find these days!


  • Not the best for wearing in non-workout situations
  • Form fitting quality which some may not like
  • More expensive

I realize the flared leg and bright foldover waistband options probably aren’t everyone’s style.

The good thing about the brand though is they sell such a variety of styles there is an option for nearly everybody. If you want something a bit more conservative, I’d recommend their Everyday Yoga Pants.

I’d say these are what you’d call “mom friendly” workout pants. They’re really great for everyone, especially those mature ladies who don’t want to wear anything to risque! Available in up to 35” inseam, and in brown or black. (They’re plain and simple!)

Find Amazon’s entire selection of longer inseam yoga pants here

Also don’t forget to check out my UPDATED list of where to buy longer inseam yoga pants (from 34 – 37”!)

Hopefully this helps some of you looking for tall yoga pants! Do you know any other great yoga pants for tall girls? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I love the versatility of yoga pants, they don’t have to be used just for Yoga. There are so many different fabrics, styles and colours that there is definitely a fit for everyone

    • Hey Kary, I actually have not tried Victoria’s Secret yoga pants yet, but I do hear good things about them. I looked on their site and they come in 34” and 36” inseams which is great, so I’m probably going to order a pair since they’re currently on clearance and see how they are. :)

  2. Lululemon is expensive, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding them right now…but I LOVE their full-on luon pants. Not sheer, very comfy…and LONG! Some pants they even have in tall!!

  3. Lululemon is expensive, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding them right now…but I LOVE their full-on luon pants. Not sheer, very comfy…and LONG! Some pants they even have in tall!!

  4. I was sad when Target closed! The stores near me actually carried long length yoga pants and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy. My yoga pants (all of them) are worn out and un repairable! I am in need of yoga pants ASAP! Thankfully I found your blog/article it helped me search for pairs!! I had no clue where to search.

  5. I have found the perfect pants! Seriously, I think they are perfect! I get at least 2 prs every year.
    They are the Original Body Shapers @ Long Elegant Legs. (If I remember right, they used to be called Perfect Yoga Pants, or something like that).
    They are a thicker more durable material and they are extremely flattering with a body conscious stretch material that lifts, shapes and minimizes too. (I have a few more lumps and bumps than I care to admit to). Lol
    They are a little on the expensive side (approx $54 – $59, depending on the style) but in my opinion they are worth every cent.
    They come in two lengths, 36″ and 39″ which is great but the 36″ are perfect for me. They have never shrank up even after a year of washes (even when bf washes them in warm water).
    They come in different colors and styles too. They have Leggings, Capris, Cargos and Bootcuts. The Bootcuts are my favorites.
    I know the posting is kinda dated, but I hope this helps someone.

    • I have owned a couple of pairs of these pants and they are wonderful. You can get them with cargo pockets on the legs. This gives them a not yoga appearance and makes them pair great with moderately dressy tops. They are a thicker and more durable material so I don’t recommend them for exercise unless you intend to get as hot as possible.

  6. Thank you! I love this post! I’m always looking for new brands of pretty much anything long enough to fit me. 37″ inseam that doesn’t break the bank is hard to find!

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