The BEST Shops to Find Tall Junior Clothing!

You can still find cute clothes for younger girls when you are tall.

For all young ladies out there looking for tall junior clothing, I’ve put together a list of the best shops that carry clothing for girls in tall sizes. It may seem like it’s hard to find, or that the only clothing for tall women is geared toward the older generation.

However, there’s lots of clothes out there appropriate for tall teenagers and younger women too if you know where to look!

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Here’s a few stores that carry clothes geared toward teenagers and young women


They offer very long inseams in 35”, 36” and 37” on their website and offer sizes 00 – 20 in select styles. If you’re looking for clothing for a very tall and skinny teenager or tween (hey, or even an adult) – this might be one of the best options.

Not only are the jeans trendy for young girls but having the 00 option with a 37” might be a lifesaver to the very tall and skinny!!!

Find jeans from Buckle with long inseams here!

Old Navy

They have a specialty tall shop on their website (exclusively online) and have a huge selection that’s suprisingly affordable. They have everything from jeans and sweatshirts to dresses and PJ pants!

Check out Old Navy’s tall sizes here


Cute trendy clothes for teens and young women. Carry extra long inseams up to 37” on their website. Long inseams (34”) are available in select styles in their stores.

They also offer plus sizes from 14-28, with long inseams in 34” and 36” in select styles.

Another thing worth noting is that their prizes are mid-range and you can find jeans for around $30.

Find pants/jeans with long inseams from Maurices here

American Eagle

I used the be a big fan of AE when I was in high school. They have extended their sizes to include 00-24 and have length options for long AND extra long in select styles! 

With the 00 size and extra long inseam, this might be another option for those looking for jeans for the extra tall and skinny girls!

Shop AE jeans with long inseams here


While I have already mentioned them in my plus size shopping list, I felt they were appropriate to list here as well considering their clothes are geared toward younger girls.

They offer long lengths in 34” and 36”, and sizes 12-32.

Shop Torrid online here


Target has a really nice selection of junior clothing. Carry pants with longer inseams and longer tanks, shirts and tunics. Find shorts, capris and swimwear for summer as well!


Excellent clothing source for tall juniors! They have a dedicated tall shop on their website that features longer inseams (35” and 37”) in jeans, pants, sweats, yoga pants, leggings and also have dresses and tops for tall girls!!!

Great selection of dress pants, jeans and lounge/yoga pants! Sizes 4-20.

Shop Alloy Here

Pay attention to the size charts available on each website.

While most of these shops use regular women’s sizing, Alloy and Delia’s carry junior sizes. If you are unsure what size you wear in juniors, pay attention to the size charts available on their websites. (Standard sizing does not exist and varies between manufacturer.) However, generally speaking, you’d wear a size up in juniors–for example, if you’re a women’s size 10, you’d wear a junior’s 11.

Check out all of their websites and have fun shopping! Check out my updated list on where to shop in 2019 if you haven’t already :)

If you have any questions or other recommendations, drop me a comment!


  1. All of these shops are great for tall girls. We just wrote a guide to shopping on a limited budget that you may like over at Tall Snob.

    • Hi my name is Bertha and I have been trying to find jeans for my granddaughter she 12 yrs old and wears a size 0 the length is extra long . I don’t know the inseam size all she tells me is extra long

  2. These are all great for Women and teenagers. Unfortunately there is still nothing out there for mothers of very young very tall and skinny girls who don’t want their 9 year olds to dress like 13 year olds. It seems all of the childrens clothing stores sizes end when your child reaches 62inches tall. Oh well. I will keep looking. And I guess she will keep growing.

    • Hey Jennifer, when I was 9 I was already 5’7 and had to wear adult clothes! How tall is your daughter? I think I just always dressed in baggy t-shirts and stretchy pants or shorts. .. I wasn’t very fashionable, haha. It’s unfortunately just that awkward stage when you’re too big for kid clothes but not ready for teenage clothes, but good thing it’s only a phase! It seems as though they’re trying to make childrens clothing more and more like teenage clothing these days anyway… when I look in a children’s clothing shop or see the way some young kids dressed I’m honestly amazed at what they’re wearing!

    • I found some clothing at Kohl’s and JCPenney that were appropriate for younger girls that fit taller girls. for awhile the only thing Penney’s had for girls was only appropriate for a strip club I’m glad to say their buyer’s finally caught on that not very mother wants to dress their daughters like that.

      • Yeah, I totally understand. Some of the juniors clothes out there are ridiculous. I’ve seen fish net shirts, leggings, super short shorts and skirts, etc all for like 12/13 year old girls… Glad you were able to locate more appropirate clothing for her.

    • Hi Jennifer, you might want to check out Old Navy Kids or Gap Kids. They have slim sizes up to size 14 or 16, which might be long enough for your daughter. Good luck!

  3. Do you know of any stores that are good for dresses? I’m 5′ 10.5″ 14yr old with a long torso and legs and looking for a dress that mom will approve the length of for more formal events. Thanks!

    • I know that Old Navy and Gap carry a pretty big selection of tall dresses, so you can check them out. I also have a tall dresses post here you could check out. Hope that helps. xx

    • Dress barn on line shows the height of the model wearing each dress, my daughter,who just turned 15 found her homecoming dress there, shown on a 5’10” model, we were then able to go to the store and check it out on in person knowing that it would be long enough.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I’ m visiting Manhattan from the UK with my 15 year old daughter who is over 6ft tall. Do you know of any clothes shops in Manhattan that stock tall sizes. She gets really bored of having to buy everything on the internet and missing out on the fun of shopping.

  5. My daughter is just 13 years old and already 5’10”. She has always been tall and was two feet long when she was born (59cm). She now has size 11 (UK) feet and I’m really struggling to find footwear for her of an appropriate style for someone so young. I’m assuming the shops you have listed are American? I’ve heard of Target when I’ve watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition and don’t recognise any other shop names! Does anyone have any suggestions on footwear? I can’t work out what size she would be in American footwear and to get bespoke shoes is ridiculously expensive – we’re talking at least £1000. It’s just soul-destroying.

    • Try or
      Both have extended sizes available, all price points and ages

    • Check out Payless for women’s shoes… they go up to size 14 US women’s (which I believe would be size 12 UK?). Also

    • My granddaughter is 5’11” at 14 and also wears a size 11 shoe. We needed 8th grade grad. shoes and was able to find heels at shoe carnival, from flats to high heels.

  6. My daughter if 15 yrs. old and is 6’3″. It’s so hard to find anything in dresses that fit … and the ones that do fit, she feels she looks like a “working woman” . She wants to dress like a teenager but we can not find much of anything that is long enough and “teen” enough for her. Just spent time at Maurices/Dillards (in the women’s section) and was not successful. Any other suggestions?

  7. I am a 60 year old 6’1″ 180lb who is needing clothes but finding it difficult to find the lengths. Everything is geared up for the “younger” generations. I mean I don’t mind trying to look younger but it just doesn’t always look right on an older person you know what I mean? I think that they forget that there Is an Older Generation out there that Needs Tall clothes too.

  8. My daughter is 11 yrs. old, 5′ 6″ and a size 1. From under her arms (armpit) all the way to her feet she is straight up and down. No hips, no bottom, just all legs and long torso! I am having the hardest time locating age appropriate clothing that fits in length and waist. I have tried all of the above links and been to a few shops. I am at a loss for where to go!

    • Old Navy and Gap are still too large for my 11 year old granddaughter. She takes a 12 in length, and about an 8 around the waist…I’ve tried their skinny, and they’re a 12 in length, but a 10 in the waist…just too big…what does one do? I’m thinking I’ll check the Chinese, pillaging, over seas stores. ( sorry if I spelt it wrong)

      • Are you talking about 12 in girls sizes, or a womens 12? Gap and Old Navy tend to run larger than some of the specific junior sized shops so maybe you could try a size 8 LONG and it’d work. Aeropostale and American Eagle size 8 in long length? That is assuming you are referring to women’s size 12.

        If you are talking about a girls size 12 – you could check out Aeropostale or AE’s 00 or 000 size – you would get the narrow waste with length in the inseam. JCPenny also has a “slim” section for girls.

  9. Karen, my daughter is 12 years old, 5’6 1/2″, also straight up and down. 104 lbs or so. Let me know if you find something age appropriate and that fits, as we haven’t had much luck either.

  10. Hi Wendy my daughter just turned 12 and she is 5″7′ and 120lbs. I try to find her jeans but I don’t want her wearing skinny jeans all the time. Especially since she already b has a butt and boobs. Because of her height and build she does not look 12. People always assumed she is either I high school or college..I need clothes that keep her as close to12 or 13 as possible. Help me.

  11. FIND A SEAMSTRESS!!! I was just over 5’6, but very long waisted. my mother made almost all of my clothing, and had to adjust every top. As an
    adult I found a seamstress who could either alter what I bought or make what I wanted from a pattern and the material I choose. It is cheaper than buying something that makes you miserable, you will look fabulous and feel even better about yourself. (also cheaper than a therapist to treat your body issues that are caused by a one size fits all industry)

  12. My daughter is 6’1 and she’s 10 years old with butt, hips and breast! Lord Help! I just want to keep her in baggy jeans and big shirts. I am also in a dilemma and cant find her age appropriate clothes. HELP!!

  13. Justice was good up to size 16 kids, 18 & 20 plus size but not regular . The length was there but too big in the waist. For shirts though. Its our go to place. Sparkles and unicorn and girl power galore. Sports stuff. My daughter is a 11 and 5’7 and size 10 shoe. We do ok at Payless still.

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