Amazing Way to Reuse Shirts That Don’t Fit – Easily Make Them Into Tote Bags!

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I stumbled across the most spectacular idea on how to re-use your old t-shirts (or any type of shirt, really) that doesn’t fit. This will work whether it’s too small, too big, or just too short! (#tallgirlproblems)

You can easily make your shirts into your very own original tote bags!


If you’re not a crafty person don’t freak – neither am I. Seriously, I 100% suck at doing craft type things. I didn’t have very high expectations knowing how terrible I am at stuff like this, but the idea was too cool to pass up – I had to at least give it a shot.

Note: I originally came across this idea on fellow blogger Stacy’s site – Plus Size Fashionista Guide – she’s a fairly new blogger so  if you’re interested check her out and show some support! :)

Tote #1

I first followed this tutorial –

It was straightforward and simple enough, and it didn’t even involve sewing!

I used an old giraffe t-shirt that’s been laying around in the bottom of my dresser for years. It’s cute (and I love giraffes) but I always thought it looked terrible on me, so I never wore it. I thought it’d be the perfect shirt to make into a cute tote bag!

However, afterwards I found it to be a little bit loose on the bottom, and there were big holes in between where I tied the fringe (possibly the result of me not doing it very well) – so I decided to take it a step further and add a lining.


Bag pictured without lining

How I added the inner lining – (you’ll need a needle and thread or a sewing machine for this part)

  • I took an old pillow case and cut it down to just about the same height as my tote.
  • Then, I took the bag inside out and wrapped the pillow case around so it fit nicely inside – it was a little big, but I molded it so it fit well.
  • To keep the lining in place, I just sewed the top part together around the opening of the tote – you can also sew down the sides and bottom too if you want. (Make sure the thread is the same color as your bag, or a slightly darker shade).
  • Flip it right side out!




 Since the t-shirt I used was rather thin, this also helped make the bag a lot more sturdy!

Tote #2 –

Since I have so many old shirts that I no longer wear (and lots of them have cool designs!) I wanted to experiment with another way to go about the process of turning a shirt into a bag.

  • Take a t-shirt and simply cut off the sleeves and out around the neckline (just like the second example in the above video)
  • Flip it inside out, and sew along the bottom hem.
  • Flip it back and you have just made yourself a tote bag!



Tote #3 – I used a tank top!

I also tried one from a tank top – this one involved NO cutting.

I simply flipped it inside out, sewed along the bottom hem, and flipped it back! It took me about 10 minutes!


This is so cool!

You can even use an old sweater for this if you want, it’d be really thick and sturdy!

If you have any further questions, leave a comment down below!



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    • Thanks Stacy! They turned out okay for the first time, lol. I think I will attempt to make them better next time.

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