Measuring inseam is easy!

Inseam is simply the measurement from the crotch seam to the bottom hem of pants. You’ll only need 2 things to measure inseam– measuring tape and a well fitting pair of pants.

There are actually two methods for doing this and they are both pretty simple.

First Method:

Grab a well fitting pair of pants that you already know are a proper length. Taking a tape measure, start at the crotch seam and measure all the way to the bottom hem. Make sure to take into account the height of the shoes you wear, as that will effect where your pants will fall. Usually you’ll want to add 1/2 inch to an inch, depending on the height of your shoes. If you wear high heels a lot, you’ll want to add even more.

Let’s say you measure 33. You know your shoes give you 1/2 inch of added height, so that comes to 33.5. However inseams only come in even increments, so in this case you’d want to round up to 34.  You always want to round up if the number isn’t even, it’s better to have pants too long than too short as they are much easier to tailor.

Second Method:

For this method you’ll probably want a friend to help as it can be difficult to both hold the measuring tape and get an accurate measurement. You’ll also want to make sure you’re wearing shoes.

Simply have a friend measure from your crotch seam down to wherever you want the bottom of your pants to hit. (Note: this can be a personal preference). Some people prefer their pants very long, others prefer them to hit right at the ankle. Just measure to wherever you personally want your pants to fall.

 Make sure to add an inch to allow for shrinkage if you’re going to machine wash and dry your pants. (My pants always shrink after they go through the wash a few times.)

So again, let’s say you measure 30.5 and you’re concerned your pants will shrink in the wash. 30.5 + 1 (for shrinkage) = 31.5. Now you’ll need a 32” inseam since you always round up. :)