Tips on Dressing for Tall Women

leopard scarfTaller girls are faced with many problems when it comes to clothes!

It’s hard enough as it is just to find clothes that fit your longer proportions, and what about finding things to even look good on your taller frame? There are certain things to take into consideration when putting together an outfit. Whether you want to emphasize your height or downplay it, I’ve put together some tips on dressing for tall women.

Avoid all over baggy outfits. It will only serve to make you look bigger.  If you prefer to wear looser fitting styles, try balancing your outfit by wearing wide leg trousers with a well fitting top, or skinny jeans with a tunic or sweater. Well fitting doesn’t have to mean tight.

Don’t be afraid to wear patterns and bold prints. Tall women are actually good candidates for wearing bold pieces since they are less likely to get lost within their outfits. You can tone it down by sticking to just 1 bold piece. Pair a bold top with neutral bottoms, or a bright patterned dress with a plain cardigan or jacket.

Highlight your legs with heels. It’s a myth that tall women can’t get away with wearing heels.  While it’s true that many tall women don’t feel comfortable wearing heels, that doesn’t mean they don’t look good in them. If you want to wear heels, go ahead. They look great and make long legs look even better.

Incorporate a pop of color into every outfit. If you prefer wearing darker colors, a subtle pop of color will really go a long way in making your outfit stand out. It can be as simple as adding one piece to your outfit. Try throwing on a chunky colorful necklace, fashion scarf, or wear bright colored shoes.

Medium length dresses and skirts are best for downplaying height. Long floor length dresses and skirts will make you look taller. Wear whatever is comfortable for you.

For de-emphasizing height, avoid monochromatic color schemes. Stick to brighter colors with neutral bottoms, or colorful bottoms and plain tops. Wearing contrasting colors will create a horizontal line break at your center, making you look shorter. 

Asymmetrical tops and wide belts are great at creating more interesting line breaks in your outfit.

Longer jackets will make you appear shorter.

If you’re insecure about wearing high heels, try low ones. Even a 1/2 – 1 inch is enough to make your legs look great. Flats are also a good option for taller women not wanting to draw attention to height. They’re stylish and won’t give  you extra inches.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping and putting together outfits. They will help make you look your best whether your goal is to detract attention from your height or emphasize it. Remember that tall women can pull off many different clothing styles and look great, so wear whatever is comfortable for you. 

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