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Cute Wide Width Shoes for Women – Yes, They Can be Found!

I’ll admit it, I have freakin’ wide feet. It’s only midly embarrassing, really. I suppose there are worse things in life. But finding wide width shoes for women? (especially ones that are actually decent looking)… it just makes it that much harder. My feet are already a size 12-13 and having to deal with the […]

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The Battle of the Tall Women Jeans Part 3 – Alloy vs. Delia’s

Who carries the better jeans for tall girls? It’s time for round 3 of my ‘Battle of the Tall Women Jeans’ series! This time it’s Alloy and Delia’s – two companies specializing in juniors clothing. These companies appear pretty similar… so similar in fact if you ever suspected a connection, you’d be right. They used […]


The Best Yoga Pants for Tall Girls

Yoga pants are incredibly hard to find in longer lengths! I’ve always had such a hard time finding yoga pants. While some stores carry long inseam options for pants and jeans, it’s nearly impossible to find yoga pants in longer lengths. The only store I’ve found (at least around where I live) that actually sells […]


Out of all the Tall Women Coats for Fall, I Love These the Best

So long, sweet summer…hello jackets, jeans and pretty leaves! Actually, I’m more curious as to what happened to summer this year–it never seemed to truly come to Michigan! I barely got to go to the beach or pool because most days were cold, dreary and rainy! Now it’s already September and I’m still pale as […]

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Long Tall Sally Clothing Review

~Special shout out to Long Tall Sally~ I’ve mentioned Long Tall Sally’s clothing a few times within previous posts, but I’ve never done a detailed review of anything in particular. They actually do have a pretty good selection of items, but the downside is that they’re mostly based in the UK and only have a few stores […]