Long Tall Sally Clothing Review

tunic with leggings

~Special shout out to Long Tall Sally~ I’ve mentioned Long Tall Sally’s clothing a few times within previous posts, but I’ve never done a detailed review of anything in particular. They actually do have a pretty good selection of items, but the downside is that they’re mostly based in the UK and only have a few stores […]

The Battle of the Tall Women Jeans Part 3 – Alloy vs. Delia’s

alloy tall shop

Who carries the better jeans for tall girls? It’s time for round 3 of my ‘Battle of the Tall Women Jeans’ series! This time it’s Alloy and Delia’s – two companies specializing in juniors clothing. These companies appear pretty similar… so similar in fact if you ever suspected a connection, you’d be right. They used […]

The Discovery of Polyvore – I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Know About This Before!


  Hey everyone. First off I want to announce the winner of the December giveaway contest – congrats to Vanessa! :) Secondly,  I can’t believe I just discovered Polyvore. I know I am so behind to times – but wow is it addicting! I’m going to start posting outfits I make up every once in […]

The Battle of the Tall Women Jeans Part 2 – Who Carries the Best Plus Size Tall Jeans?


Torrid vs. Old Navy vs. Maurices – Which one carries the better jeans for plus size tall women? This time on battle of the tall women jeans (part 2), I’ll be comparing Torrid, Maurices and Old Navy -these shops carry some of the cutest plus size jeans for tall women I’ve encountered. But which shop is the […]

The Battle of the Tall Women Jeans Part 1 – Gap vs. Old Navy


Gap vs. Old Navy – Who Makes the Better Jeans for the Tall Ladies? This is going to be part 1 of a 3 part series on tall women jeans. This time it’s Gap vs. Old Navy. As you may already know, Gap actually owns Old Navy, so perhaps it’s logical to assume their clothing […]

December Holiday Prize Giveaway Contest – Read for Details!


Hello everyone! As the holidays are fast approaching, I decided to get in the spirit of giving and start my very first blog giveaway! Yep, this girl is giving away a $50 gift card to Amazon and all you have to do is enter! I won’t make it too difficult for you, either. Keep reading […]

Amazing Way to Reuse Shirts That Don’t Fit – Easily Make Them Into Tote Bags!


I stumbled across the most spectacular idea on how to re-use your old t-shirts (or any type of shirt, really) that doesn’t fit. This will work whether it’s too small, too big, or just too short! (#tallgirlproblems) You can easily make your shirts into your very own original tote bags! If you’re not a crafty […]

Is it Just me, or are Cheap Tall Pajama Pants for Women Virtually Non-Existent?


Seeing cute women’s pajama pants makes me sad…because they NEVER are long enough! Stores don’t seem to carry cheap tall pajama pants for women – EVER! While it is pretty common to see longer length jeans/pants in stores,  I have not once seen any carry extended length PJ pants for women! And to make matters […]

Looking For Plus Size Tall Jeans That Will Flatter Your Behind? – Finding the Proper Back Pockets is Crucial!


Finding plus size tall jeans is not an easy task, especially if you’re going for a trendy and flattering look Every girl wants to find that perfect pair of jeans, no matter what her size. And believe it or not, one of the biggest factors in finding a great pair of jeans is going to be […]

Rockin’ Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Women – Don’t Miss Out on This Year’s Ugly Sweater Party!


Have you been invited to an ugly sweater party? Don’t miss out because you have nothing to wear! Some people really get into the whole ugly sweater party thing… Honestly, I had never even heard of such parties before I attended college (to be fair, I grew up quite sheltered). However, it seems to be […]

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