Cute Wide Width Shoes for Women – Yes, They Can be Found!

cute wide width shoes for women

I’ll admit it, I have freakin’ wide feet. It’s only midly embarrassing, really. I suppose there are worse things in life. But finding wide width shoes for women? (especially ones that are actually decent looking)… it just makes it that much harder. My feet are already a size 12-13 and having to deal with the […]

Your Guide to Women’s Wide Calf Boots


Tall boots are very stylish, but when you have wide calves it can be difficult to find cute boots to fit! Imagine having big feet and wide calves…is that an impossible combination? Well they certainly may be harder to find, but if you scope out sites such as Zappos and Amazon, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of […]

Best Rated Walking Shoes


My review of the Women’s Saucony Originals Bullet Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars     Looking for a great pair of walking shoes or everyday sneakers? I’ve researched hundreds of women’s athletic shoes (well, the ones that are made above a size 11, anyway) and these are my personal pick for being the […]