Cute Long Torso Swimsuits for Summer

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redndblackstripesI’m not going to lie, long torso swimsuits are rather difficult to find. Which is a huge reason why I usually just opt for two piece suits. I realize, however, they’re not always appropriate or preferred. If you like to do actual swimming (as opposed to you know, hanging out at the beach, or splashing around a pool) one piece suits are definitely needed. Or maybe you just prefer the look, or don’t feel comfortable with a two piece. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to find one, the good news is they do exist.

You don’t necessarily have to be tall to have a long torso, and on the other hand, you can be tall without having a long torso at all. That’s the funny thing about bodies, they are all proportioned differently.

Have you looked and looked, and never been able to find long torso suits?

They do sell one piece suits with extended torso lengths! I had to do a lot of poking around, but I discovered a few places that do carry them.

Where to Find:

Long Tall Sally does sell longer one piece suits. They actually have a pretty good variety this year compared to previous years. The major beef I have with them is they always sell out of everything SO QUICK!!! (Proof enough tall girls shops do not exist)!

But, I think it’s still at least worth a shot to check out their selection.

Lands End offers a decent variety of long torso one piece suits. (They are a bit on the pricey side, though.) However they are great quality and they have probably have one of the biggest selections I’ve seen.

Lane Bryant while plus size, has a great selection of swimwear. If you do wear a size 14+, I’d definitely check out their site. Their suits are made longer than average and are better accommodating to taller women, or women with longer torsos.

Surprisingly enough, they even sell them on Amazon! These long Speedo swimsuits, while plain and boring, have relatively decent reviews, and are great for athletic swimming.

2014 UPDATE – Alloy and Delia’s used to have a cute selection, but they don’t seem to carry them anymore? What the heck!

These are the swimsuits I found with the best reviews, and I did a lot of looking around! (UPDATED for Summer 2014)

Keep in mind some of these come in additional styles and colors too!

blue long torso tankini Blue long torso tankini, Long Tall Sally


blue and green long torso suit Green/Blue long torso, Amazon

black and white one piece long torso swimsuit Black and white stripes long torso (one piece) suit, Long Tall Sally

black and lime green one piece long torso swimsuit Black and neon one piece long torso, Long Tall Sally



After writing this, I realize the retail industry needs to step up their game with one piece swimwear for extended torsos. It is there, but seriously, there needs to be more of a selection!

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  1. I tried three times to get that red LTS suit last year. It is gorgeous but the sizing is way off. By the time I went down three sizes from my dress size it fir around nicely but it also got shorter for each size I dropped. Poor showing.

    • Man! I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience with that particular swimsuit! Maybe it was a bad batch? You should write your complaint on the LTS website and let them know about it!

  2. They know. The girls in the store where I ordered from were as amazed as I am. They know my usual size and were stunned at me asking for a 10 or 12.

    • Oh okay, wow that really is unfortunate. I hate when sizing if off, a lot of it depends on your body type I think. Many times people will say a particular clothing item fits perfectly, but then there will be others who say the sizing is totally off. There are a lot of factors that come into play with sizing. Were you ever able to find a swimsuit that fits you?

  3. There is a style I got at Kohl’s that is not even a long torso but fits beautifully. I saw it hanging 2 inches or so longer than one that was a long torso size when I was in the store and had to try it on since their LT’s are generally too short; but mostly from shoulder to under bust. I have worn it several times at the Y for water aerobics and I am not impressed with it’s durability (the butt is getting crispy already) but when it is on sale and I have a 30% off the sale price coupon it is a decent deal. I buy suits for water aerobics knowing they are going to be relatively short-lived because of the chemicals. I am currently waiting for one from Land’s End that is a long with adjustable straps that should be OK and a Speedo (the only long they have any more) and I will see how they fit. I have hips that measure the same as my chest so I expect the suits to be baggy in the butt most of the time and I have a small cup size relative to band size so I have to be careful of that too. Most bathing suits are cut for hips about 3 inches larger than the bust and I used to be built just right for that but no more….

    • Oh, I have never gotten a swimsuit at Kohls before. Yeah it’s hard to say no to such a good deal! Thanks for sharing and I hope those new suits work out for you! :)

  4. The suits I ordered today arrived and they both fit. The one is a butt-ugly print in fuchsia and olive green, which was a surprise as the photo looked light pink and grey. That is fine. I can wear it for my senior citizen populated water exercise class and it won’t matter how it looks but I sure know why it hit clearance and there was still one in my size. The other is a solid (Speedo) and seems fine for length but I won’t know how comfy the shoulders are till I take a class in it. It has one of those racer backs and I was pleased it was stretchy enough in the neck to get it on easily. I am wary of strap length in non-adjustable styles. They are usually too short; even on tall size suits. At least I am set for the next 6 months or so for indoor pool-wear. I have loads for outside. I just won’t waste my strapless suits for an indoor pool.

    • Hahaha I hate when the colors are so far off from the ones shown online! What speedo long torso swimsuit did you purchase? Was it the one I have linked here via Amazon, or somewhere different? Just curious. Yeah you definitely need a regular suit for swimming indoors, strapless ones and such just won’t cut it! Glad to hear the swimsuits fit you. :)

  5. It is the only long torso Speedo has left any more. A few years ago there were two cuts of the same basic suit and now just the one. You can find it on various sites if you search Speedo long Torso. Glad I looked when I did. I hate to think they give up on their longs. I had my first long Speedo in the early 70’s for competitive swimming and it was a surprise that they had them. Almost nobody else had them besides maybe…just maybe Robbie Len. My Mom wore that brand for years but I do not know when she first found it. They did not work for me as a kid. I had no figure to fill them out and they all had the big built in bras until about the 80’s. I got one then and it was great. One piece, strapless, but looked like a bikini from the back. It was the early days of high cut legs too. My Mom’s eyes nearly rolled back in her head when she first saw me in it. (I was in college at the time) I still didn’t have a figure but in that I looked like I did. :)

    • Haha, that is funny! It is depressing that Speedo is going backwards in regards to providing options for different body types. You’d think they’d be moving forward and providing MORE long options??? I find it hard to believe they didn’t have the market for it as there are so many girls needing long torso swim and NOT enough options out there. Maybe they need to start providing more of a selection, I think they’d be surprised at the response.

  6. What a great site! I’ve been on the hunt for my first one piece and as a tall gal it isn’t going so well, I’ve ordered about 8 regular suits online and having little luck. Victoria secret does have long size suits available now, just a few. I would never thought to look at alloy and Delia’s, great prices and I haven’t looked at them in ten years, thanks for the tips!!

  7. I need serious help! Im 26 and 6’1 with DDs which sounds great but im kinda chunky… so pretty much I have given up hope on looking good in a swim suit. I tried alloy and delias last year and was more than disappointed. Even if their long torso had been long enough there was no way my boobs were going to fit. Im taking my daughter to disney world in a little less than a month and cant find a swim suit that wont scare anyone. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!

    • Laurie sorry you’re having such a hard time! Yeah Alloy and Delia’s don’t really make their swimsuits accomodating to DDs lol. Have you tried someplace like Lands End?? They have pretty good quality swimwear for more womenly type bodies… in long torsos too! I also think Lane Bryant has good swimwear but I think their smallest is a 14? I don’t know what size you are or if you’re plus size or not.

    • I am 5’8 long torso, DD/DDD in bust. I’ve had very good luck with Land’s End tankinis. Not all but several tops come in larger bust sizes, and the regular is actually plenty long on my typically too long torso. They hold up very well and are guaranteed- I returned one two years after purchase because it was wearing in spots and they promptly gave me credit to replace it.

  8. Hi Wendy
    Just wondered if you know if anyone has tried Bravissimo. I’m 6’1, 12 36D and find that all of that combined equals needing a very ill fitting size 16 if that fits at all? I might make the 1h15 drive to Oxford to try them on but would be glad of any feedback before I do.

    • Ah ok just realised your an American site so I’m a size 8 if that effects where I might be able to get costumes from
      thanks :)

    • Hey Linda, sorry I have not heard of it. I am in the US here so not familiar with british sizing or stores, sorry. Perhaps someone else will see this and be able to help!

  9. Is there anywhere I can find the red-and-black striped swimsuit in the picture? I quite like it and there is no link.

  10. Hi Wendy! Do you have personal experience as to the quality of the suits from Delia’s or Alloy? In my quest for a “tall” one piece I did come across these two retailers but have always been hesitant to purchase since I’ve never ordered from them. (Plus, I’m 29 and I realize my days of Junior’s shopping are over but there are really no options out there for tall people!)

    • Hey Sara – Yeah I’ve owned swimsuits from both Alloy and Delia’s before. The swimsuits themselves are pretty good in general, but the problem is they really didn’t have much of a selection at all this year for the longer torso gals (the ones displayed are from last year)! I know how you feel though, I am 28 now and need to watch where I shop… lol.

      In my opinion for our age, places like Long Tall Sally and Lands End are probably your best bet for finding one piece long torsos. But this year I actually just got a 2 piece tankini at Old Navy and love it… it’s a bit short for my torso but it’s still really cute!

      • Thanks, Wendy! Perhaps next year they will have more options to choose from at Delia’s and Alloy. They don’t have any in stock right now at all but I’ll likely look next year. I live in Florida and we still have months of swim weather left so that’s kind of a bummer. And Old Navy has “Tall” sizes on their website – you should check it out, I buy dresses long enough there – but they don’t carry Tall swimsuits. Go figure! Thanks again!

        • No problem Sara, hopefully they will! Ooh I know I seriously LOVE Old Navy tall but I am PISSED they don’t carry swimsuits.. like seriously!?!?!

  11. Hi! I am so glad I stumbled across this website. I am currently trying to find a swimsuit and I am having a horrible time! I am wondering if anyone has found a website that offers LT in sizes smaller than 6. Speedo, Lands End, and Long Tall Sally, while they are great websites, their LT suits start at size 6. It is so frustrating! I am just trying to find a suit that fits me! I love swimming and have been doing a lot of lap swimming and have been doing it in a tankini because it is the only thing I have that fits me! If anyone finds a website with small/longer sizes please let me know.

    • I’m sorry Megan, that has got to be incredibly frustrating! Well I know that Delia’s and Alloy at one point in time had some super cute long torso styles, but the last time I checked, there wasn’t much… but they’re junior’s sizes so they’d have your size. You should try to check back next spring when they put new swimsuit selections up. Other than that I haven’t found any smaller! :(

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