My Favorite Fashion Accessories!

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My recent post on scarves made me want to dedicate a post to my favorite fashion accessories. I’m not much for bracelets or rings, but necklaces, earrings, scarves, big purses– I love them all! They can add a punch to any outfit.

What accessories work well with tall girls?earring shot

Tall girls can pull off wearing bulkier accessories because it helps to balance and detract from height. Such accessories won’t end up overpowering taller frames. Sometimes shorter or smaller girls can get lost with bulky accessories, but for the tall and large gals out there it can really look quite nice.

Large earrings

This can range anywhere from large hoops to danglys, but either way, I prefer them to the smaller studs. Don’t get me wrong, studs are great, but tend to get lost on me. I don’t like them too big, however, because then my ears just start to hurt after a couple of hours.

Current Fav: This particular style, like these Filigree Teardrop Earrings. Fashionable and cute without being over to top.


Scarves are a great accessory for tall girls because they help to put their longer necklines on display, and create a vertical distraction from wider shoulders. There’s just seemingly endless designs and ways to wear them!

Current Fav: It’s truly hard to pick just one, but aside from this pink paisley scarf (right), this Give Her the Sloop Scarf is worth a mention.


These are probably the most practical item on the list. I mean, they’re not so much an accessory as they are a necessity. Maybe I have particularly sensitive eyes, but I need them while driving.  I don’t know how anyone can drive without them. I particularly like large ones because well, I have a big head, and they help balance out my face!

Current Fav:  These two toned green glasses, and these plastic square glasses are the ones I am currently loving.


large zipper toteTotes/Large Bags

These are a close second in terms of practicality. I’m the type of girl that can’t just carry a regular purse–I need to carry a BAG. I love having the space to carry whatever I want.

Current Fav: I LOVE this Large Zipper Tote Handbag  It’s the perfect size, it’s simple enough and has enough neutral color options to match everything.





Okay so on the exact opposite side of the spectrum from large purses, I know. But I like having a wristlet for the times I don’t want to lug around a large bag, like if I’m going for a night out or to an event, but for some reason I just can’t stand normal purses.

I used to think they were stupid, but then when my sister got married a few years back, she gave them as presents for all her bridesmaids. They were these adorable hand made ones from Etsy, I fell in love!

Current Fav: These Embroidered Dandelion Wristlets remind me of the ones from my sister’s wedding.  They’re adorable and roomy enough to hold all the necessities!




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