The Best Women’s Two Piece Swimsuits

coolbikiniactionshotSummer is just around the corner. Do you have your swimsuit yet?


Are you on the hunt for women’s two piece swimsuits?

Now is the best time to buy them. The stores are getting them in stock and the selection is fresh. If you wait til summer has already hit, there aren’t as many left and you may have a harder time finding your size.

I’ve discussed swim separates for plus size gals and really flattering one piece suits in bigger sizes already.

Being so tall, I refuse to wear a one piece swimsuit. Have you ever worn a one piece that was too short for your longer torso? There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having an all day wedgie from your swimsuit constantly riding up your bum.

Two piece suits are just so much easier for long torsos!


You don’t have to worry about the length being too short and you can easily find them everywhere this time of year. Well, the truth is, you can find long torso swimsuits, however the selection is extremely limited! They need to get on board and provide more options for us!


 Where can you find the best two piece bathing suits?

My favorite places to get swimwear are:




and surprisingly Amazon

It might seem weird to consider buying a swimsuit on Amazon, but they have a ton of choices, and ones you wouldn’t be able to find easily just anywhere.

Looking for something outside the norm?

I think another great spot for finding swimsuits I want to mention last, (but not least!) is Modcloth!

They sell really unique two piece swimsuits. They are great because they are fuller coverage yet you still get the sexiness of a two piece suit. These suits are retro style, and provide good coverage on the bottom (more so than nearly any other two piece bottom I’ve come across).



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