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My review of the Women’s Saucony Originals Bullet

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




Looking for a great pair of walking shoes or everyday sneakers?


Gray/Blue color pictured, but available in a range of color combinations, from neutral to bright.

I’ve researched hundreds of women’s athletic shoes (well, the ones that are made above a size 11, anyway) and these are my personal pick for being the best rated walking shoes for women.

It’s hard to find a feminine style, comfortable shoe that is durable enough for heavier walking and activities, yet stylish enough to wear beyond a workout. And trying to find that above a women’s size 10 seems like a needle in a haystack. But the
Saucony Originals Bullet
is all those things!


$55.00, at (Certain colors on sale for $43.99)


Casual, everyday activities, walking, fitness training, etc.

Pros vs. Cons


  • low profile, not bulky like other athletic type shoes
  • won’t give you much added height, make feet look smaller
  • stylish and attractive
  • comfortable and durable
  • can be used for everyday activities as well as walking, gym, training and light running
  • ranges in color combinations from neutral to bright, so it can match anyone’s style
  • affordable compared to other name brand athletic shoes 
  • available up to a women’s size 12


  • runs slightly narrow, and no additional width options
  • little to no arch support
  • ideally not for high impact activities such as running

This shoe may not work out for you depending on the level of support you need, as this shoe provides little to no arch support. However, Saucony has several athletic shoes offering additional support , so if you’re looking for a shoe that would be better suited for you, feel free to check out their selection.

Also, the shoe has no width options, and runs slightly narrow. A very similar style, the Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro, is truer to width and size so might work better if you don’t have a narrower type foot.

If you’re looking for a causal everyday shoe that is comfortable enough to get you through the day, you’ll be sure to love it!

This shoe is very sleek and attractive, has an awesome retro-style, and doesn’t add 2 inches on me like most bulky fitness sneakers. (I’m already 5’11–I don’t necessarily want to be any taller!) I love shoes that can match my everyday outfits and not just my workout gear. It ranges in color combinations anywhere from black/white to pink/purple, so it can be suitable for anyone’s tastes.

If your expectations going in are for a comfortable, everyday type walking shoe, and you’re informed of all the pros and cons, you’re more than likely to love these!

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