Best Clothing for Tall Girls

What types of clothing looks best on taller girls?

sassytrenchPerhaps you know where to find clothing when you’re tall, but how about what to wear? It actually isn’t that hard to pull together great outfits as there are so many fashionable clothes for tall women out there! Models are tall for a reason–taller girls look really good in clothing. And contrary to the modeling industry, you do not have to be a size 00 to pull off looking fabulous. The secret is in how you dress! 

However, there are certain pieces and styles you can definitely use to your advantage as a taller girl. I’ve compiled a list of the best clothing for tall girls. While appropriate styles will vary by body type, the same general tips can apply to most tall women.

Here’s my list of 8 staple items that every tall girl should own, and rock!


Jeans look amazing on long legs, every tall girl should own at least one pair of jeans that fit well and look great. Actually, this holds true for girls of any height. Look for skinny, slim or boot cut styles as they will best flatter your legs! Skinny jeans look especially great on slender long legs, boot cut styles are really good for girls with thicker legs.

Scoop neck, v-neck or button up style tops

Look for shirts with v-neck and scoop neck styles or button up tops–any kind of shirt that will take the attention off the shoulders and in towards the center of the body is good. Shirts that are tight around the collar will only emphasis broad shoulders. Wearing open neck styles will help balance you out.

Trench coats

Trench coats are very figure flattering on taller women. The cinched waist and long style of the coat balance out your height and make you appear shorter.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are a most excellent piece to flatter your tall physique. They’re timeless, simple and classic and show off your sexy long legs. You can wear them with a tucked in shirt to help emphasis your waist.

Long tanks and tunics

Perfect for long torsos. Use these styles to your advantage as you can find them in regular stores and they will actually be long enough for you!


Great for pairing with tunics, sweater dresses or any longer style shirt. While they do look great when paired with the right top, they aren’t pants. Make sure your butt is covered when choosing to wear them in your outfit!

Yoga Pants

Every girl needs great lounge wear, and yoga pants are comfy and look especially flattering on long legs. Just make sure you buy them long enough!


Flats work great for taller women because they don’t need the added definition of heels. Plus they work great to downplay height.




  1. I’m wondering if the author of this is tall… I don’t completely agree with the trench coat.. why would any tall girl want to look shorter? Also, not every tall girl has super broad shoulders, that just depends on the person..

    Also, with a nice body, wearing heels is the nicest thing I tall girl can wear, I’m 5’11” and with my slim figure wearing heels and being 6’2/6’3 is the most attractive thing.

    • Hi Sally,

      Yes, I am tall – I’m 5’11 too. I think I look very good in trench coats and so do many tall girls. We all have our own opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t. There is no “one size fits all” for anything – these are just general suggestions. And many taller women actually do want to look shorter, not every tall girl likes being tall or standing out.

      You’re right, it’s true we don’t ALL have broad shoulders – but it’s pretty common. Again these are general suggestions!

      It’s great you love wearing heels, many tall girls aren’t confident enough with their height to do it! I try to stay away from heels myself, most of the time, just because I don’t feel comfortable being taller than I am already. But I think anyone should do whatever they feel is best and is comfortable to them!

      • Hello I am 12 years old my name is jj and I am growing at a very fast pace! I do not have much self confidence because I am much taller than all of my friends, and that sometimes results in being called names such a as giant , skyscraper etc. Do you have any advice on boosting my self confidence? Please help I really want to feel good about myself.

        • I feel for you, 12 years old was an exceptionally rough time in my life and I definitely had no self confidence back then. I was also much taller than everyone else at that age! But something that might help is knowing that MOST kids your age are going through an uncomfortable/awkward time too whether they show it or not, so don’t feel like you are alone. These kids are probably calling you those names to make them feel better about themselves because they are probably insecure as well about something else. My advice? Just ignore it and don’t let it get to you… by 9th grade the guys will have leveled up to you and will no longer call you names, trust me.

        • I was about 5’11 at 12 and it sucked! And boys didn’t catch up until college. Definitely not 9th grade. I was 6’2 at 16. Looking back I couldn’t believe how hard I was on myself. Get used to it and be proud of it. Stand tall, shoulders back and try not to care what people think. When you are 20 they will all be jealous of you. Just be patient and stay true to you. Life is good for tall girls. Trust me!

        • Hi JJ!

          I’m 22 now and 6ft2″ i wasn’t far off this height when I was your age and it’s took me this long to accept myself as a beautiful tall young woman, so consequently my biggest piece of advice for you is confidence! Even if you have to fake it at first it’ll come with time. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman. It’s so important that although your friends are more than likely shorter than you. Don’t hunch! Walk tall and keep your back straight. This is for a number of reasons but mainly its a tough habit to break in later life.

        • Hey jj dnt think that u re so much taler i am also 14 years old i am the talest girl in my class u knw u have to think that god gifted u this height there are many peoples having no height so we are blessed ones

  2. I am a tall woman that likes to look shorter so appreciate any ideas you have to helping me out. At 6 ft tall i only wear a small heal when i dress up because i do not like the extra height. Thank you for all your advice.

    • Yeah I am usually the same way – I am 5’11 and dislike wearing higher heels because I hate being super tall! The only time I wear heels is if I absolutely have to, and even then I try to go for shorter (1 inch or so). I think it’s great if tall girls like wearing heels as long as they’re comfortable, it just isn’t for me!

  3. 5″11? ha. yup try 6″4.

    as a question, when i wear skinny jeans i get told i look like a praying mantus and that i look like an idiot. would you suggest i wear them anyway or go for another style because my legs are my height.

    thanks for the tips anyway :)

    • Lol yeah I guess you definitely beat me there. Wow, a praying mantus?? That’s not a very nice thing to call something, lol.

      These are general tips that obviously aren’t going to work for every tall girl since there are just too many factors to consider. I, for one, cannot wear skinny jeans because my legs are thicker and normally my calves never fit in the bottoms! I tend to gravitate for bootcut style because they look best on me. I would ask you, do you like skinny jeans? Do YOU think you look like a praying mantis? If you agree they look bad, then don’t wear them.

      Perhaps you should try boot-cut? I think they would probably look nice.

  4. I do not like skinny jeans because my legs are so long and skinny and just feel like i look like a skeleton. I remember as a teenager the really tapered leg pants were in and my mom always told me that it made my legs look even longer.

  5. i m slim and my height is 5″6 so which kind of dresses i have to wear please suggest me.

  6. I have a question!! I have a pear shaped body and I am 6’2 with a 37 inch inseam. have shopped at alloy and other numerous places and I can’t find many tall pants that come in a mid rise style! Are there many places out there that won’t charge an Arm and a leg for a pair of pants

    • Hey Lacey have you tried Old Navy or Gap? They offer tall inseams with mid-rise cuts and are relatively inexpensive compared to other speciality tall shops! :)

  7. Helo i am 14 years i am too much taller nd my legs are so long bt it is lyk chicken legs my height is 170 cm nd i am in 8th class my al frndz cal me giraffe nd qutub minar i am so sad i have no self confiedence plz advice me u knw no dresses match on me

  8. Hi. I am 15 years old. I am in 10th class. I am 177 cm. I loved your fashion suggestions. I am Indian. My friends dont tease me by my height because there is another girl who is taller than me. Boys in my class are even shorter than me. Sometimes they tease me but I just fire back something and make them shut up. My body is hourglass shape but my shoulders 15 which some people say are broad. what type of dresses ad tops should I wear?

  9. I’m a tall girl, 6ft at 16, i can’t wear skinny jeans, dey make my legs very stick like….i cant wear skirts either or dresses….infact i don’t tink i luk gud in anything…
    Perhaps, u myt have some ideas on clothing style for me……
    Ahm bout entering the university, i don’t tink i wanna remain awkward me…..

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