You Haven’t Seen This List of Tall Girl Problems on Buzzfeed!

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The top 10 most annoying tall girl problems:

#1. You have bad posture due to excessive slouching

I feel uncomfortable when I’m standing around a group of people shorter than me, so I am always slouching to accommodate this. It can’t be good for my back. Sometimes I worry I’ll become a hunchback by the time I’m 60!


#2. Dating can be awkward

There are lots of guys intimidated by tall women. This can make things uncomfortable because you don’t know if a guy is turned off by your height, or if he’s simply just scared. I’ve dated guys ranging from 5’5 to 6’5 and while I do prefer dating taller guys, I would still date a shorter guy if he was cool. However most shorter guys will assume tall girls won’t date them, or they just refuse to date taller women themselves.


#3. Someone is always yelling at you to “watch your head!”

Why are some ceilings and hanging fixtures so damn low? I’m always banging my head on something or another!


#4. People always ask if you play basketball

I’ve gotten asked this question more times than I can count. For some reason, people equate being tall to being an excellent basketball player, or at least some type of athlete. Well, I did play basketball for 2 years and I totally sucked. I am very uncoordinated and despite my height, I cannot make a basket.


#5. Everywhere you go, people ask you to reach stuff

Whenever I go out someplace or another, such as the grocery store for example, someone will inevitably ask me to reach something off the top shelf. I guess it’s not really so much of a “problem” (as I really don’t mind), it’s just amusing to me how often it actually happens!


#6. You’re always feeling like a giant

I feel uncomfortable a lot, and that’s where my slouching habits come in to play. Whenever I see pictures of myself and I’m standing a full head and shoulders above everyone else, it makes me feel like a freak show.


#7. Your legs get cramped in cars and airplanes

This is the worst, especially in planes! Luckily I don’t need to fly much.


#8. You have freakin’ huge feet

Most annoying thing yet, aside from being simply teased for having monster feet and finger toes, it’s just hard to find shoes. I wear a size 12-13 and those are not sold just anywhere!


#9. Clothes aren’t as easy to find

Of course, let’s not forget the clothing problem! I’m stuck ordering jeans online most of the time, and almost every time I attempt to buy pants in a store because I think they’ll work, they immediately shrink too short after the first wash!


#10.  You feel less feminine

Well, at least I do. It’s the whole big hands, big feet and being taller than the majority of guys. Girls are supposed to be short and dainty. I am neither of those things.


If there’s one thing that comes with being tall though, it’s that you will always stand out and people will remember you. I suppose that could be both good or bad!


What other problems have you faced as a tall girl? Leave a comment down below!




  1. Someone who sees things the way I do! I can relate to all of this and I’m only 14. !4 and about six feet tall that is. At my middle school the only guys that were taller than me all were drug addicts and dealers. Some of them were in jail before the school year was over! And it’s so annoying about the basketball thing…I’m way too girly for that…I’m a volleyball girl! About the femininity thing…I hate that. I’m all about fashion, glitter, pink, flowers and stuff like that…I need to feel like a girl. Another annoying tall girl problem that relates to clothes. In the summertime especially it is soooo hard to find dresses, skirts, and shorts that even cover your butt. This can cause people to question your modesty. One time my friend walked by my locker and was like, “Wooaa, that’s a short skirt and umm nice underwear!” I don’t slouch though. I just stand there and look awkward and make everyone else look more normal. Where do you find large shoe sizes that are fashionable as well?

    • Yeah, I too was nearly 6 feet tall by the time I was 14. Luckily I stopped growing by then, lol. It’s especially harder to find dresses and shorts when you’re young like that though because most of the styles for that age group are cut SO skimpy. But places like Old Navy and Gap have online tall sections that sell skirts, shorts and dresses that are cut for taller girls like us! As for shoes, you can check out this list I made up right here of where I find them! :)

  2. Let’s see ware to start OK I like boots I like the Knee High ones but there all like 9 inch heels and I’ll look like more of a giant I don’t mind my hight around others it’s just cloths I’m having trouble with I have all ways dressed like a man my hole life because that’s all I can really fit I have big feet broad shoulders I’m 6″1 big thighs and belly (trying to get rid of it … not working) I like leather and stuff but when it comes to jackets the sleeves are too short and shoulders too narrow I share if I relax in them they will rip if I buy jeans there either too big or too small and my but shows in the worst way I own nothing but jeans and Halloween Tees but the truth is I’m girly and because of what I ware I started acting more like a guy and I don’t like it I’m saying all this in hopes that you read it and can help me in any way possible I gave you all my trouble areas pleas help me out I can’t find any one around me that knows any thing

    • I am sorry to hear your problems with clothing, I too have had similar issues. Have you tried looking around my website at all? I do talking about cool clothing stores for tall, plus size gals and as well as places you can find shoes for larger feet. I wear a size 13 in womens so I know it can be really hard to find that size! Have you tried shops like Alloy, Old Navy, or Maurices? I have had good luck with them. As far as shoes I really like Payless and Zappos! :)

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